About us

We are L&M Pumps

Why L&M Pumps

  • The largest selection of pump spare parts: more than 100,000 items spread over 8,000 m² of storage space.
  • Our promise: we offer a fair price.
  • Available only with us: free 12-month guarantee included.

Certified & awarded on many occasions

With more than 35 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of new pump, spare parts and seals, we are the perfect contact for your systems. Besides our distribution network across Germany, we are also there for you across the world. In conjunction with repairs, we offer the "All-Round Carefree Package".

We stand proactively by your side with technical advice, from planning to design and up to the commissioning of your system.

Even after that, we remain there for you with spare parts for maintenance or complete repair work. We store about 1000,000 items over 8,000 m² and, as such, we have access to all common spare parts and can send them to our customers within very short delays. That way we are able to have short delivery times for your projects. From individual components to complete pumps, we will provide you exclusively with quality products.

Our customers include well-known manufacturers in the paper, pulp and chemical industries as well as in the foodstuffs and water management sectors.

Thanks to our quality assurance, we guarantee high quality standards for our products and thanks to our development department, we are able to offer innovative and forward-looking products.

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