How to Find a Product?

Unlock the full potential of our portal with ease.

1. Access the Products Page

Start by heading to the Products page on our website. This page is your gateway to a wide array of items tailored to meet your requirements.

2. Refine Your Search

Once you're on the Products page, use the search function to refine your results. You can enter the unique LMP Number or use relevant keywords to narrow down your search. This feature is designed to help you sift through our extensive collection to find your desired item with ease.

3. Organize Your View

Customize how the products are displayed by sorting them. Simply click on any column header in the product table to sort the items. Clicking the same column again will reverse the sorting order (ascending/descending), allowing you to view the products in a way that suits your preference.

4. Page Through Results

If your search yields a large number of results, you can easily navigate through them using the page controls located at the bottom right corner of the screen. This feature enables you to browse through the listings without missing any options.

By following these straightforward steps, finding the right product on our portal should be a breeze. Remember, we’re here to assist if you need any further help navigating our site.

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