L&M Extrair


Vertical pump for conveying media containing solids

  • Heavy, exchangeable wear plate
  • Heavy bearing
  • Modular design


Our Extrair is a vertical centrifugal pump for transporting media containing solid matter, which have to be suctioned out of vessels under vacuum. The Extrair is designed for continuous operation. As the Axtrair is a self-regulating, single-stage centrifugal pump depending on the respective quantity of incoming water, it must be fed via an additional freshwater supply.
The water supply serves the purpose of the bottom bearing receiving additional lubrication and, at the same, prevents the infiltration of solid matter into the bearing. In the event that insufficient media to be pumped is pending in the pump, the water supply concurrently assumes a cooling function.
As the pump usually works under vacuum, a check valve must be assembled on the pressure side to prevent the reverse flow of the medium and the infiltration of atmospheric air.

  • Capacity

    180 m³/h

  • Head

    22 m

  • Working Temperatures

    -10° – 80° C

  • Maximal Pressure

    16 bar