Horizontal volute casing pump for the paper and chemical industry

  • Heavy bearing
  • Heavy, exchangeable wear plate
  • Modular design


Our LMS-ANR is a cost-efficient, functional, horizontal volute casing pump. Its fields of application lie mainly in the paper industry. With an output of up to 3,500 m³/h and a maximum delivery height of 140 m, the LMS-ANR meets all requirements. With the LM-ANR, it is possible to pump media from -40° up to 180° C. The main advantages of the LMS-ANR are the open impeller, an exchangeable wear plate and the heavy bearings. In addition, the LMS-ANR offers a compact, modular construction system, oil and grease lubrication and various sealing systems.

  • Capacity

    3500 m³/h

  • Head

    140 m

  • Working Temperatures

    -40° – 180° C

  • Maximal Pressure

    16 bar