Seamless Flow, Outstanding Versatility

  • Enhanced Maintenance Ease
  • Optimized Flow Control
  • Selfpriming


Discover the superior performance of the LM-WS Self-Priming Pump, the ultimate choice for dealing with a wide range of fluid handling challenges. This pump is a beacon of operational excellence, offering dependable solutions for low to extremely high viscosity media, ensuring smooth and consistent flow rates for all types of substances, from active carbon to viscous pastes like vaseline. Maximize efficiency with our pump's high differential pressure handling, capable of impressive flow rates in diverse industrial applications. Our design prioritizes longevity and reliability, ensuring you benefit from low lifecycle costs with outstanding pumping performance, even in the face of high resistance.

Every detail of the LM-WS Pump reflects our dedication to quality and efficiency—from the non-clogging mature technology used in our universal joints to the optimally designed stator inlet for perfect chamber filling. With the flexibility to handle aggressive, abrasive, and even fibrous materials, this pump stands out as a rugged, yet easily maintainable, component in any fluid processing setup. With the LM-WS Pump, expect a nearly pulsation-free operation that safeguards your materials against shear and degradation, providing a gentle yet effective conveyance every time.

  • Capacity

    560 m³/h

  • Head

    489 m

  • Working Temperatures

    -30° – 140° C

  • Maximal Pressure

    48 bar