How to Determine the Price of a Product?

Unlock the full potential of our portal with ease.

Understanding the pricing of products on our portal is essential for making informed decisions. This guide will help you locate the price and explain our current and upcoming pricing structures.

1. Locate Your Product

The first step in determining the price is to locate the product you're interested in. For assistance, refer to our guide How to Find a Product?.

2. Check the List Price

Once you locate your product, here’s how to check its price:

Price Column: The price column on the product page shows our list price. This is the base price for the product.

3. Personalized Pricing Coming Soon

We are currently working on a feature to display your personalized prices directly on the product page. This enhancement will make it easier to see the specific prices applicable to your account.

4. Inquire for Your Final Price

For now, the displayed price is our list price. To get the final price, which may be tailored to your specific requirements, please make an inquiry. Learn how in our How to Inquire About Products? guide.

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